Hi to dead aboriginies

In Australia we've all been there: to a meeting where some white dork says hi to dead aboriginies.

Well, I don't want to be part of their crazy worship the dead religion; I want out. I want no more hi to dead abos!!

In fact, I pay my respects to the European explorers; they actually did something.


How to cross Sydney Harbour

Whenever I'm in Sydney, Australia, I am in awe of the Harbour Bridge.

Sure its a great piece of engineering, but I am awestruck by the fact that it is the ONLY harbour crossing at this end of the harbour.

How can a city hope to really work if its traffic is so constricted and inefficient. It is simply darned hard to drive around Sydney.

I've got clients on the northern peninsular and in the eastern suburbs. I should be able to get from one to the other easily and simply. Forget public transport, of course, this is still stuck in the 1950s layout. I drive...and drive...and drive.

Here's the solution: more harbour crossings, no more choke points, easier traffic flow, better business, more money in the economy.

E1 crosses without going through the city.
E2 links the outer northern and eastern suburbs directly
W1 activates the inner western business ring (creates it, actually)
W2 moves people north and south avoiding the city
W3 connects the inner western suburbs with the business and education belt at Macquarie.

Hurrah, the city works at last!


Save you...rule you

I love it when the Greens tell us they want to save us. It always turns me to this quote:

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.  - H. L. Mencken


No more piss in public


In semi-public, anyway.

For some reason people who design men's toilets think that men like to have a peek at each other's urine distribution equipment; well, they must think so, because its so easy to do.


Men want a bit of privacy for the UDE; the photos below show 1. that it can be done, and 2. how it can be done.


Homosexual unions

The idea of 'so called' homosexual marriage is objectionable on a couple of grounds:

1/ the state has no business in the private relationships people enter into;
the state has instituted marriage for the nurture and protection of children,
and the provision of means for their upbringing. In these terms, the benefits
of marriage recognise that one person in the couple, usually the mother,
suffers financial disadvantage through her child-rearing efforts. Thus the
financial advantage afforded in superannuation and other formal recognition
of the relationship.

2/ homosexual relationships do not reflect a true sexual union, but a
perverted employment of sexual organs in a non-sexual means. It is non-sexual
because it cannot produce offspring. The non-production of offspring goes to
the demise of the state. The state has no interest in supporting activity
that does not promote the longevity of the state for the general benefit it
affords to its people. Homosexual 'marriage' is thus a piece of socially
unproductive decoration in which the state has no interest.


NSW Bushfire warning codes

During this fire season we are hearing the code 'watch and act'; presumably this is so we will watch and act, instead of sitting and relaxing; which must be the bottom level code. When things hot up, it becomes a real song and dance; and if that doesn't get people cracking, then it must go to the top of the pile with a 'huff and puff' alert.

So here's the full list, from bottom to top:

1. sit and relax
2. watch and act
3. song and dance
4. huff and puff.

There you have it.


Blue Mountians Bush Fires

Almost right on schedule, the regular (every 7-10 years) big bush fires have started.

The Springwood area of the NSW Blue Mountians was hit pretty hard, with over 80 or so homes destroyed in a matter of hours.

Guess where these homes were located?

Yep, right in the midst of the explosively flammable Australian bush; but there's more...they were on a ridge, with bush slopping off into gullies either side.

You'd think there would be a lesson in there somewhere.


Marriage equality

Most people would agree to marriage equality and reform.

Well, equality we have: any couple can get married (couple relating, of course, to sexual union; sexual union requiring male and female...even plumbers recognise that). Reform? Why; what needs to be reformed? Nothing that I can see.

When ‘reform’ and ‘equality’ are hijacked to promote the legitimisation of sodomy, that’s a move to mask the depraved with the honourable.

Marriage is regularised by the state, and so by society, for the orderly having and raising of children, for the children’s benefit, largely. If a couple doesn’t have children, then they simply want to signal their exclusive sexual relationship.

I don’t see how sodomistic perversion needs or should have any place in societies’ orderly structure as it has no relation to the having or raising of children; indeed, as one commentator put it; it is more a ‘death-style’ than a life-style. Nor is it actually about sex, using only one sex organ and one elimination organ (in many cases)

One hopes that with the inability of the rectum to host offspring, that the practice of placing an organ or procreation inside an organ of elimination would automatically entail the demise of the practice.


The royal baby

I saw a headline: "Prince"

I thought that was a great name for a royal baby.


Not married?

The headline was "Australian paedophile jailed (sic) for 40 years.
Being as he and his pal didn't have the sexual connection to procreate, they paid someone else to produce a baby; then took it.
Then they sexually abused the boy, from the get go, it seems.
Even the ABC reporter who interviewed this 'innovative' pair (not a couple...no coupling equipment on them) said that she thought they were just hunky dory: even 'loving' of their boy.
Not so, of course...and just how deceiving looks can be.

But, at least they weren't married!


Distaste? anti-gay?

The current fluff about 'gay marriage' talks about discrimination against 'gays' in not allowing them to be married.

What tosh!

Gays (I presume this means homosexuals) can get married, but they usually don't want to. Marriage is at heart a sexual union: sex is about difference; a fact well known to plumbers.

Homosexuals expressly disdain difference, and therefore sex; all they do is entertain each other with empty and pathetic games with their sexual plumbing. That's not sexual intercourse because it cannot produce offspring.

Now, I couldn't care less whether people want to play bottom games or not; but to pretend that bottom games could be the basis of marriage is gag me with a spoon nonsensical.

I also couldn't care less if they have a civil union recognised in law; it just ain't marriage. To call it such just underlines the juvenile game of pretend sex that they play.


No home rules

For some bizarre reason my family, sans me, watches the Channel 7 drivel 'My House Rules'.
I was constrained to watch a finalish episode tonite where the fake drama builds to eliminate a 'team': one of the tasteless teams of amateur tradesmen, and even more amateur designers who produce predictable flummery. The show is pure junk; but there could be spinoffs:

My car rules: a show about motor maintenance.

My housekeeping rules: a show about cleaning a house.

My brief of evidence rules; where criminals could prepare briefs against each other; the looser being the winner: the one with the longest gaol term.

Then, of course, my TV show rules: where we have amateur producers....oh, hang on, Channel 7 does that already with its predictable parade of moronic shows (except Lewis, Morse, Endeavour...not produced by ch. 7).

One of the contestants was brought to the home that had been renovated for them. The woman of the couple could only leer from room to room saying nothing but "oh my gawd' at varying speeds. And that's all she could say: no other response. Its like she'd gotten her whole vocabulary, emotion, and perspective from American TV shows: talk about living vicariously through the fictional lives of TV characters! It was so pathetic it was embarrassing!

Lewis 2

A nice touch in another Lewis episode, can't recall which one; but a character is referred to as having done some minor acting work, including some work on The Bill. Very droll to refer to one show from another!



I don't often pay attention to what an Anglican archbishop says, but Pete Jensen hit the mark in the Sydney Morning Herald:

This week he continued to argue forcefully that gay marriage was an impossibility because ''marriage requires a sexual consummation, and that is what men and women do.''
''How do two men have sexual union?'' he shoots back, when challenged on the definition of consummation. ''You have joined a couple of people together at a spot where they shouldn't be joined together, really.''

Exactly right: there is no 'coupling' between members of the same sex, all they can do is juxtapose, not form a sexual union at all: nothing is 'united': so it's not really 'sex' just a weird and unproductive game played with particular organs: I can't see the point,  myself. So whatever, its not marriage, which involves sexual coupling, but a weak joke.


Sorry Day-Thank you Day

If my memory serves me correctly, we have just passed the so-called 'sorry day'. In Australia this is the day we are supposedly sorry for the alleged 'stolen generation'. This was an admittedly clumsy attempt to save children from the culture of sexual and physical abuse,  neglect, exploitation and abandonment inflicted on them by their aboriginal communities.

In fact, it should be thank you day. Thank you for at least trying to care for our children, while we were in our drunken stupor.



Lewis is one TV show I like; reminds me of my own days in Oxford, so good from that POV.

One thing that gets me, tho' is that directors are so serious. There were a couple of scenes in an early episode where a vignette of rowers on the river was shown. I counted a four and an eight. The director should have taken the opportunity to have a lend of close viewers.  He should have had a 'three' and a 'five'. Neither exist of course, but what a lark it would have been.

He should also have other leg pulls: cars with wrong number plates would be a good one, even with wrong name badges, just to excite fan boys.

The computers could be out dated, with old OSs (which they have after the series repeats anyway), and the mobile phones could be bricks from the  1990s...no; a bit too obvious.


Rolls Royce


There's a movement in Australia called 'suspended coffee' where a person buys a 'suspended coffee' that can then be consumed by a person without the means to buy their own.

The idea could be extended to Rolls Royce.

When a person buys a car from you, they also buy a suspended Rolls Royce, by which someone who wouldn't otherwise afford them, could obtain one.

What a great idea!

When you implement this, and I'm sure you will, as a gesture of social inclusion, please let me know, and I'll pick one up. A Ghost would be fine, but a Phantom would be preferred.

I currently own a Toyota Corolla.


New Zealand Plumbing Industry in Confusion

That's right. With same sex 'marriage' now OK in NZ, plumbers are totally confused about ordering male and female fittings to complete their work.

Some suppliers have been asking if they want two male or two female couplings instead.

Plumbers have reported being thunderstruck when they've arrived on site only to find all male fittings or all female fittings to connect outlets to water pipes.

Of course, there have been leaks everywhere: same 'sex' plumbing just doesn't work.


No lesser people!

Letter a friend sent to the Prime Minister of Australia recently:

Dear  Prime Minister,
I applaud your moves to make educational funding more reflect need than privilege.

I notice in the press coverage of this policy a disturbing reference to people of 'low socio-economic...'. I am deeply concerned that a Labor government would countenance the labeling of people with smaller incomes as being of a lower 'social' group. There are no lower social groups; all people have equal dignity and are equally participants in democracy.

I hope that the use of this terminology which looks as though it ranks people (she's of a 'higher' group than him) is the press interpretation of your government's policy. I would expect that a labor government would only refer to what is objectively measurable: that is, people's income levels. Just because I have a smaller income than someone else, doesn't mean that I'm their social inferior. Such usage should be anathema to a labor government and I urge  you to ensure that your ministers and staff are careful to reflect a core labor value that all are equal socially; its only our incomes that differ. That can be measured and can attract a relevant policy response.

What on earth would the policy response be to people of a 'lower social group'? Perhaps labeling them serfs or peasants would be the way?


Hitting children?!

Central Queensland Christian College has the gall to advertise that corporal punishment is part of its 'discipline' policy.

Well, this is not discipline, this is simple-minded de-humanising savagery.

I wrote to the Queensland Premier:

Dear Sir,
I was appalled to discover that Central Queensland Christian College advertises on its website that its discipline code includes the barbaric and humiliating use of corporal punishment. This must be stopped. Adults assaulting children, causing them to live in fear and teaching that violence by the powerful over the weak has any place in a modern democracy of free people is abhorrent.

And I don't care how 'carefully', or absurdly 'loving' they are in doing it; corporal punishment has no place in our society and is never an option for helping children grow into responsible and happy adults. In fact, the record is that children who are hit by authorities end up maladjusted, unhappy, and often violent individuals.

Your government must legislate to outlaw this primitive thuggery, whatever the excuse the school has for its use.

My experience of being hit by the authorities, typically with no explanation and for no discernible good reason (and therefore, no 'correction' occurred) is that I have for decades despised the teachers who behaved with such unthinking idiocy and look back on those days with disgust. I certainly don't talk about them, and my memories are not fond, but of empowered gorillas wrecking young boy's happiness. If I met them in the street I would have to restrain myself from returning their violence on them.