No more piss in public


In semi-public, anyway.

For some reason people who design men's toilets think that men like to have a peek at each other's urine distribution equipment; well, they must think so, because its so easy to do.


Men want a bit of privacy for the UDE; the photos below show 1. that it can be done, and 2. how it can be done.


Homosexual unions

The idea of 'so called' homosexual marriage is objectionable on a couple of grounds:

1/ the state has no business in the private relationships people enter into;
the state has instituted marriage for the nurture and protection of children,
and the provision of means for their upbringing. In these terms, the benefits
of marriage recognise that one person in the couple, usually the mother,
suffers financial disadvantage through her child-rearing efforts. Thus the
financial advantage afforded in superannuation and other formal recognition
of the relationship.

2/ homosexual relationships do not reflect a true sexual union, but a
perverted employment of sexual organs in a non-sexual means. It is non-sexual
because it cannot produce offspring. The non-production of offspring goes to
the demise of the state. The state has no interest in supporting activity
that does not promote the longevity of the state for the general benefit it
affords to its people. Homosexual 'marriage' is thus a piece of socially
unproductive decoration in which the state has no interest.


NSW Bushfire warning codes

During this fire season we are hearing the code 'watch and act'; presumably this is so we will watch and act, instead of sitting and relaxing; which must be the bottom level code. When things hot up, it becomes a real song and dance; and if that doesn't get people cracking, then it must go to the top of the pile with a 'huff and puff' alert.

So here's the full list, from bottom to top:

1. sit and relax
2. watch and act
3. song and dance
4. huff and puff.

There you have it.


Blue Mountians Bush Fires

Almost right on schedule, the regular (every 7-10 years) big bush fires have started.

The Springwood area of the NSW Blue Mountians was hit pretty hard, with over 80 or so homes destroyed in a matter of hours.

Guess where these homes were located?

Yep, right in the midst of the explosively flammable Australian bush; but there's more...they were on a ridge, with bush slopping off into gullies either side.

You'd think there would be a lesson in there somewhere.