So Ian Thorpe has come out as liking sodomy. (an article on the Australian Daily Telegraph website today)

As if this is of any interest to anyone, apart, of course, from others who also like to use their waste apparatus for other than waste functions...oh, and anyone who sends their sons to swimming meets that he attends (luckily he could safely coach girls).

(Man its been a busy few days watching the mindless politically correct).

NSW Judge: incest will become OK

Which ever perversion a society starts with; the end will be the same. All perversions will become OK

From rt.com
An Australian judge has incurred the wrath of child protection and gay rights advocates after stating that incest and pedophilia may no longer be considered taboo – just as gay relationships are now more accepted than they were in the 1950s and 60s.

District Court Judge Garry Neilson was recorded as saying that sexual contact between adults and children or siblings may no longer be regarded by society as “unnatural” or “taboo.”

And, of course, he's right! If what's right is set by what the noisy minority set, than the lid is off the box, and 'society', at least the noisy ones from Glebe and Annandale, will introduce whatever they like into the 'its OK' category.

Hamas...yay? Really?

I see that the Hamas cheer squad has had another outing (I don't even need to give a link for this, their  'I'm a victim' chant is as ubiquitous as it is meaningless).

I’ll believe they have a case when Hamas ceases random violence against civilians, abides by peace deals, participates in a peace process and behaves as though it is part of a civil international community.

Of course, it will do none of these things, and will continue with its cynical conduct with no intention to either pursue peace or accept a two state arrangement.

Hamas wants one state: its own, and until the international community recognizes that Hamas has no interest in peace, but just manipulates, lies and makes its own civilians military targets as part of its Islamic mission to destroy Israel, Israel has no choice but to make Hamas’ aggression too costly for it to continue.

France sees this as well.