Marriage equality

Most people would agree to marriage equality and reform.

Well, equality we have: any couple can get married (couple relating, of course, to sexual union; sexual union requiring male and female...even plumbers recognise that). Reform? Why; what needs to be reformed? Nothing that I can see.

When ‘reform’ and ‘equality’ are hijacked to promote the legitimisation of sodomy, that’s a move to mask the depraved with the honourable.

Marriage is regularised by the state, and so by society, for the orderly having and raising of children, for the children’s benefit, largely. If a couple doesn’t have children, then they simply want to signal their exclusive sexual relationship.

I don’t see how sodomistic perversion needs or should have any place in societies’ orderly structure as it has no relation to the having or raising of children; indeed, as one commentator put it; it is more a ‘death-style’ than a life-style. Nor is it actually about sex, using only one sex organ and one elimination organ (in many cases)

One hopes that with the inability of the rectum to host offspring, that the practice of placing an organ or procreation inside an organ of elimination would automatically entail the demise of the practice.

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