Rolls Royce


There's a movement in Australia called 'suspended coffee' where a person buys a 'suspended coffee' that can then be consumed by a person without the means to buy their own.

The idea could be extended to Rolls Royce.

When a person buys a car from you, they also buy a suspended Rolls Royce, by which someone who wouldn't otherwise afford them, could obtain one.

What a great idea!

When you implement this, and I'm sure you will, as a gesture of social inclusion, please let me know, and I'll pick one up. A Ghost would be fine, but a Phantom would be preferred.

I currently own a Toyota Corolla.


New Zealand Plumbing Industry in Confusion

That's right. With same sex 'marriage' now OK in NZ, plumbers are totally confused about ordering male and female fittings to complete their work.

Some suppliers have been asking if they want two male or two female couplings instead.

Plumbers have reported being thunderstruck when they've arrived on site only to find all male fittings or all female fittings to connect outlets to water pipes.

Of course, there have been leaks everywhere: same 'sex' plumbing just doesn't work.


No lesser people!

Letter a friend sent to the Prime Minister of Australia recently:

Dear  Prime Minister,
I applaud your moves to make educational funding more reflect need than privilege.

I notice in the press coverage of this policy a disturbing reference to people of 'low socio-economic...'. I am deeply concerned that a Labor government would countenance the labeling of people with smaller incomes as being of a lower 'social' group. There are no lower social groups; all people have equal dignity and are equally participants in democracy.

I hope that the use of this terminology which looks as though it ranks people (she's of a 'higher' group than him) is the press interpretation of your government's policy. I would expect that a labor government would only refer to what is objectively measurable: that is, people's income levels. Just because I have a smaller income than someone else, doesn't mean that I'm their social inferior. Such usage should be anathema to a labor government and I urge  you to ensure that your ministers and staff are careful to reflect a core labor value that all are equal socially; its only our incomes that differ. That can be measured and can attract a relevant policy response.

What on earth would the policy response be to people of a 'lower social group'? Perhaps labeling them serfs or peasants would be the way?