Public servant talk

Some public servants recently attempted to communicate to relatives of mine. They failed, of course, because they write in a special language called 'kludge'. The example below is not too bad, and the conversion from 'kludge' to English is relatively simple. I've shown how. On the upside, I'm much relieved that they didn't start "I am writing to tell you..." which of course, as a start to a letter, is a statement of the bleedin' obvious.


Functionally, a dud!

I note Mr (MP)'s talking about 'genuine commitment to marriage equality'.

Of course, given the biological basis for marriage, I'm all for equality as well. What does puzzle me is how the current debate pretends that there is no functional issue here, but one of mere 'being in love'. 

Marriage has in view procreation. Eons of evolution have shaped this, no law, no culture, such that reproduction requires a zygote and no pair of the same sex can make one.

Thus the current debate is about marriage debasement, commoditisation of children and the intrusion of the law into the fairytale world of happily ever after romance.

I know that the law will probably be changed: the real world has never stopped legislators, but let's not pretend that there is a biological equality of function between a same sex pair (who cannot sexually reproduce) and a mixed sex pair who are able to make babies all on their own and that said babies will grow up in the company of their parents.


The Plebiscite: letting the plebs have a say!

I almost wrote "Plibersek"; she thinks she speaks for the people.

But no.

Its on its way: the same sex marriage farce plebiscite. I'll not be surprised either way, and parliament will do what it wants. I don't care.

But what amazes me is that we even contemplating doing homage to the emptiness of same-sex-non-sex; unreproductive effort, with the term 'marriage'.

Where on earth is the public policy interest in something biologically and socially inert and of no moment in the continuation of the species?

Its represents a genetic dead end; does nothing to add to society (numerically, of course), and if it does involve children, its in the same terms that Nyland used in the SA Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems of adoption: its for the entertainment of adults, or in some cases, for them to give vent to their perversion.

Same sex marriage, in the final analysis, serves no beneficial evolutionary purpose. Its no business of government and probably damaging to children in the aggregate.


Here's how to run the government...

Every so often some worthy in government claims the breathtaking innovative idea of making the public service more like the private sector.

Let's remember how the private sector works:

In firms I've worked for we enjoyed: lunch provided by the employer, free alcohol whenever one wanted it, another firm provided drinks every Friday afternoon; a firm-hosted picnic day once a quarter, free Christmas parties...all good stuff. I'm awaiting the government following suit.

I see private sector workers (I guess...they are not dressed like public servants) in the city bars near me from about 3pm every day; more on Fridays.

All wonderful.

Now let's look at private sector performance:

Phillip Morris and purchase of 7UP: they couldn't make a quid on it and eventually sold it.
New Coke: big loss...let's get 'Coke Classic' back on the shelves.
VW and its emissions scandal.
Enron and Arthur Andersens and their shared scandal.
Xerox's numerous forays into IT, and back out again at huge losses (not to forget DEC, Compaq, IBM's late run at PC, Blackbery...)
And things you might not have heard of:
Bic underwear, Heinz cleaning vinegar, Virgin Cola, Gerber Singles (baby food for adults), Harley Davidson perfume, Pepsi AM.
Some things you have heard of:
Ford's Edsell (old now, but a goodie from the private sector experts), or what about the GM bailout from the US government because they cocked up their finances/customer knowledge/product development/forecasting/you name it?
A few from Australia: Queensland Nickel, SPC cannery, every car manufacturer, Arrium (SA steel mfgr), Australian Submarine Corporation, it goes on and on.

I'd think for some things, the  public sector is a safer bet than the private...at least we can toss the clowns out every few years.


Its in the numbers

8000 pups killed every year: shut down the industry ( in NSW)

But over 10 times that number of babies killed...quite acceptable.

Child sacrifice is an active part of the modern West.


Range Eggs

I used to buy range eggs, but only because they were free; today, in protest at their not being free at all, I bought cage eggs. I felt great. Who cares about chickens? Even dumber than regular birds.



It's 9pm on count the vote night:

Maybe the Liberals are down.

Here's why:

The 'great communicator' didn't.

They lied about 18C and kept it.

They killed the retirement plans and aspirations of too many.

They acted like socialists with their funding support of socialist causes

No coherent...rather, no economic or jobs strategy at all.

They had no story to tell.

Well, they possibly did, but they didn't tell it.

Turnbull acted like a closet ALP stooge.

And if they don't go down, I hope the senate is stacked against them.



What a potent mix is Islam, guns and gays...not so good for the last mentioned, though.

One of the US cops called it a hate crime...like there's another kind? A mugger mugs you because he cares for your best interests? Nope; all crime is hate crime.

Still, there's an evolutionary explanation: homosexuals do not let their genes live on, therefore other genes of the species, in an effort to avoid wasting resources, seek to eliminate the dead-end genetic vehicles.

Islam and Richard Dawkins are hand in hand.

Funny thing, though, the outpouring of official anguish here has exceeded that attending high school shoot ups in the U.S.

We've all been taken on a 'poor gays' trip, as though this group is more worthy than any other.

I suppose because no one has critically examined their self-identify as victims; but of their own making because they want a claim to nomality when they don't have one...does this make them more worthy of sympathy? Only because they misunderstand the social role of procreation and the point of there being different sexes, I guess.


Cassius Clay

The great irony of it.

Cassius Clay rejected that name as a slave's name, and took the name Muhammad Ali as a 'free' name.

The irony:

He took the name from a tribe that was probably the greatest black slaving tribe of all time: Muslim Arabs, and he rejected the name of a white man: it was 'white men' and they alone who ended the slave trade. The first time in history that slavery had been opposed by organised authority.

So, Cass, your adopted name says that you rejected freedom and returned to slavery.


Have a whinge day

National have a whinge day:

No...national emancipation day! That's better.



White ribbons

Someone asked me to wear a white ribbon; I think its to show that you don't like 'domestic violence', mainly, its touted, against women.

Well, I'll start wearing a white ribbon when women stop murdering their babies.



The alphabet soup of perversion gets longer all the time.

First off it was just G, then GL, then LGB, then LGBT. Now they've added QIA. What does this stand for: Questionable, Interesting and Any 'ole. I know what they really stand for, but its all so boring.

I know what LGBT stands for: Ladies, Guys, Boys, Tasmanian. But I can't figure out why any of that is important.


Men hate women

Another example of male hate of women: its easy to be a woman, just get your dick lopped, and Bob's your uncle; see? Nothing to it, being a woman. Only these days we have the cute meaningless name 'transgender'...whatever that means (I guess it means some sort of innovation in grammar)