Sorry Day-Thank you Day

If my memory serves me correctly, we have just passed the so-called 'sorry day'. In Australia this is the day we are supposedly sorry for the alleged 'stolen generation'. This was an admittedly clumsy attempt to save children from the culture of sexual and physical abuse,  neglect, exploitation and abandonment inflicted on them by their aboriginal communities.

In fact, it should be thank you day. Thank you for at least trying to care for our children, while we were in our drunken stupor.



Lewis is one TV show I like; reminds me of my own days in Oxford, so good from that POV.

One thing that gets me, tho' is that directors are so serious. There were a couple of scenes in an early episode where a vignette of rowers on the river was shown. I counted a four and an eight. The director should have taken the opportunity to have a lend of close viewers.  He should have had a 'three' and a 'five'. Neither exist of course, but what a lark it would have been.

He should also have other leg pulls: cars with wrong number plates would be a good one, even with wrong name badges, just to excite fan boys.

The computers could be out dated, with old OSs (which they have after the series repeats anyway), and the mobile phones could be bricks from the  1990s...no; a bit too obvious.