More stupid things that businesses do/believe/think/say

Apparently some people put their interests on their resumes. Can't think why. Whenever I've recruited someone, I couldn't care less that they like knitting. But it seems that some business people think that interests tell them something: bushwalking is out; its too 'solitary', whereas yoga is a Good Thing.
One commenter saw through this, tho'


National Sorry Day

Today is 'national sorry day' a day when we're supposed to be sorry for Aboriginies.

Well I am!

I'm sorry that so many of them live with abuse and neglect at the hands of their relations and that their children have to be removed for their own safety and welfare.

I'm sorry that so many aboriginal children are sexually assaulted by aboriginal adults.

I'm sorry that so many aboriginal adults have had the incentive for work displaced by patronising 'welfare' payments that prevent them from controlling their lives.

That's what I'm sorry about.

But I'm not sorry for attempting to save people from a manifestly failed culture.