Poor little Connor

Letter to a local newpaper about a child actor acting as a child of a same sex pair.

I hope that Connor Burke’s parents told him the full story about gay couples: that their sexual relationship is attenuated and is not possible to produce offspring. I hope that they went on to explain that if a gay couple wants children they have to use some one else’s and that this disidentifies the child with at least one of its actual parents. It makes the child live a lie that two males or two females, no matter how loving, could be its parents. Then they could explain that the ‘Cinderella effect’ and its dire outcomes for the step-child are invited in a gay couple.

In short, because gay couples don’t really couple in any biologically or socially meaningful way their ‘coupleness’ is a parody of real coupling between the sexes. It produces a social outcome that eons of evolution have avoided. Dare we go against nature in such inert relationships to cynically make use of children as a screen of normality to mask the truth of a relationship that is sexually void?


Its a parody

I can't believe that people take the idea of people of the same sex being 'married'. They parody sex, so they will have a parody of marriage. Why then should the government have anything to do with this black comedy?


SSM: what it's really for.

Cori Bernardi recently debated Penny Wong on same-sex marriage.

Naturally Wong trotted out the usual distortions, avoiding the link between marriage, state interest, and orderly protection for and recognition of procreation; notwithstanding that some married people cannot or do not wish to procreate.

But, the heart of the matter is twofold:
  1. regularising sexual perversion, (and the evolutionary exploitation that it involves) so that its practitioners don't have to feel opprobrium because of their GOTS practices; and
  2. getting state endorsement and social acceptance of a system for procuring children by those whose sexual practices are perverted. At one go this cuts children off from at least one of their parents, places them in a distorted environment for their nurture (that is, one that has not been selected for by evolution) and exposes them to the risks of the Cinderella effect.
 Of course, the killer that rips the carpet from under the whole idea of same-sex sham marriage is children. To produce children the same sexers have to step outside the exclusivity of marriage to bring others in who will or might have no involvement with the child produced. Children converted to chattels. Back to point 2 above.