Dignity and respect??

Letter to a local paper on Trent Zimmerman's whinge for 'dignity and respect'.

Trent Zimmerman wants the same dignity and status for pairs of homosexuals as male and female couples who marry. He talks about marriage ‘equality’. But there can be no equality with obvious functional difference and the status of a pair that cannot reproduce will never be the same as couples that  preponderantly marry with the prospect of family in view.

Very obviously, without reproductive capability (and I know some marry without this in mind, or possible) a homosexual marriage is hollow. Nor can I see the public interest in such a marriage which is reproductively inert.

The public interest in marriage is very real, as it brings order to the raising of children and ensures that the parents and their responsibilities are recognised. It also serves to promote the succour the mother during a child’s early years when she is less likely to be able to work.

The man and woman who marry also demonstrate a commitment to a complete change in their lives for their children, including providing their children with their life-long company. Thus the honour and dignity afforded them. None of this occurs with homosexuals, and any children brought into that arrangement are unavoidably deprived of the daily company of at least one parent; thus are they made the playthings of adult make-believe, condemned to unavoidable risk of the ‘cinderella’ syndrome.