Aristotle on why young people will vote for sham sex marriage

"young people live by feeling, and have a main eye to their own pleasure and to the present moment."

Nicomachean Ethics 1156 a. 31-3


A few anti same-sex marriage slogans for your delight and amusement:

1. I don't believe in marriage 'equality'. I believe in marriage diversity -- male and female.

2. Not real sex equals not real marriage.

3. No possible zygote = no possible marriage.

4. Same sex sex? Not likely. Same sex marriage? Same!

5. Marriage 'equality'? Not equal for children.

6. Sham-sex marriage? Exactly!

7. Same-sex marriage = no babies, just dirty sheets.

8. Same-sex marriage? As useful as same-sex plumbing.

And for the blue at heart:

9. Don't fuck with us, we can't even fuck with each other.

There, that'll do. Free to use.


Same sex sham marriage.

Why would anyone think that a lifestyle arrangement that stifled the production of new life had a any evolutionary role? It is a genetic dead end and thus socially inert.

Every time I see a child I am reminded of the mockery of marriage in same-sex marriage, and the falsity of the claim to marriage 'equality'. Every child is a clear demonstration of the very inequality between a couple than can procreate and one that can only make a mess of the sheets.

There is no public policy benefit in attempting to solve the 'acceptance' problem of adults who opt to be different, act different or live different from those of us who make the next generation that pays all our bills in retirement (through taxes, investment and consumption).