Woman murders boyfriend

The outpouring of grief for Eurydice Dixon has an element of posturing about it. Tragic as it was she did what no sane man would do! Was she drunk?

At the same time, I hear nothing about this woman who was arrested for murdering her boyfriend in more female DV savagery:

JEFFREY Lindsell’s parents will never forget the moment they saw their son fully engulfed in flames as he ran out of a burning granny flat to the rear of their home.
They told reporters shortly after the horrific Sydney blaze last October he was screaming for help as a hellish fire ripped through the property.
Mr Lindsell, 39, was rescued from a granny flat on San Remo Avenue, Gymea in the city’s south in a critical condition with extensive burns. But, he couldn’t be saved and died just two days later.
Eight months on, police have now charged Mr Lindsell’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Zukowski with murder. NSW Police say the relationship between the two was “volatile”.
Detectives allege the 46-year-old woman tampered with the water supply and deliberately lit the fire in the granny flat knowing Mr Lindsell was asleep inside.


3 Genders?

Sure, in English there are three genders. Most nouns are implicitly neuter; ungendered in fact. Apart from that there is masculine and feminine. Generally these relate to the biological sexes.

Three genders, but only two sexes.

Just check your chromosomes, the'll tell you your sex, or do a below the waistline search. That'll tell you too.

What about intersex/trans-sex. These are deformities or abnormalities, usually non-functional so are of no species-significance; let's therefore not worry about them, while empathising for their sufferers.

Sex differntiation in language is culturally significant because the two sexes are needed to make babies. Helps to know where to look for a mate and clarifies language references, also given the general range of inclinations of the different sexes.

Now it gets confusing. The desire to label and categorise every grade of variation between male and female is a modern conceit and fails to accept the wide range of behaviour, interests and proclivities within each sex. A guy can be sweet and arty, a girl can be tough and 'ballsy'. Still male and female respectively: these are the biologically active differences, and that, socially is all that matters.