What a potent mix is Islam, guns and gays...not so good for the last mentioned, though.

One of the US cops called it a hate crime...like there's another kind? A mugger mugs you because he cares for your best interests? Nope; all crime is hate crime.

Still, there's an evolutionary explanation: homosexuals do not let their genes live on, therefore other genes of the species, in an effort to avoid wasting resources, seek to eliminate the dead-end genetic vehicles.

Islam and Richard Dawkins are hand in hand.

Funny thing, though, the outpouring of official anguish here has exceeded that attending high school shoot ups in the U.S.

We've all been taken on a 'poor gays' trip, as though this group is more worthy than any other.

I suppose because no one has critically examined their self-identify as victims; but of their own making because they want a claim to nomality when they don't have one...does this make them more worthy of sympathy? Only because they misunderstand the social role of procreation and the point of there being different sexes, I guess.


Cassius Clay

The great irony of it.

Cassius Clay rejected that name as a slave's name, and took the name Muhammad Ali as a 'free' name.

The irony:

He took the name from a tribe that was probably the greatest black slaving tribe of all time: Muslim Arabs, and he rejected the name of a white man: it was 'white men' and they alone who ended the slave trade. The first time in history that slavery had been opposed by organised authority.

So, Cass, your adopted name says that you rejected freedom and returned to slavery.