Could it get worse?

Comment in a newspaper blog mentioning child abuse:

A cohort study of the ADHEALTH data set indicates that children in ssm families are 7 times more likely to suffer sexual abuse than those not. Pretty dreadful future awaits children caught in the 'marriages' of the 1% of homosexuals who bother. Even more parlous with Dennis Altman's disdain for exclusive sexual relationships in the homosexual community. Small numbers overall, but why condemn children to something so obviously fraught with risk.

Then of course, there is the systematic denial of a full parental relationship of such children with at least one of their living natural parents...it would be hard to design something worse on purpose.



Have you ever had the joy of an interview with a moron employer, one who thinks they are a clinical psychologist, and asks you to give your opinion of your greatest weakness/weaknesses?

Here's the answer:

"You want me to state my weakness? That wouldn't be in my interest would it? I could trot out a cliche about how I'm a perfectionist, but you've heard those all before. I'm here to talk about my talents and strengths and how I can bring them to bear on this company's challenges"
Read more at https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/04/killer-interview-question-what-is-your-biggest-weakness-thats-not-a-secret-strength/#Hr1Z7kjkC4ZdKX9S.99
You can also clarify...probe back: 'tell me about some of the challenges of this job so I can ensure that I tell you about appropraite weaknesses that will be sure to make me unemployable.'
'Sure, but would you first tell me some of the greatest weaknesses of this company.' 

'That sounds a bit scary, but if you would tell me your greatest weaknesses, being that I'd be working for you' that would start me on the road'.

Or, to really go out on a bang: 'I go postal whenever people ask me stupid questions.'

On a serious note, you could start a dialog:

'Tell me, what are you looking for in this question? Are you looking for an answer that will elimate me from the job, are you seeking my approach to self-development or self-management?. You see, you have to be careful here as with some candidates you could invite an action for discrimination with this question. Imagine if I said that the colour of my skin is my greatest weaknesss in the job market, and you don't employ me...next meeting would be in court."



Our highly paid, and presumable highly educated pals in the media (think: TV) have only one word to confirm statements: "Absolutely".

Here are some alternatives, so they can flourish their great education, flexible minds and acquaintance with English:

That's right
I agree
Are you sure?
I think so too
I hope so

The next episode of helpful tips on communicating will deal with the reflexive and redundant cant "in place" (except where used for books on shelves).