The anti-bucket list

Some people have a bucket list; I don't I have an anti-bucket list. Things I plan to never do again.

Here goes:

  1. See another 'art' film
  2. Go to the ballet
  3. Go to a performance of Wagner's Ring Cycle...any of them!
  4. Read another novel, of any kind, but especially Science Fiction....except those by Phillip Dick, of course.
  5. Attend another art gallery pretending that it has any meaning to me. Paintings are great decoration...but, that's it, folks!
  6. Travel to Asia again; except maybe Japan (despite the misunderstanding in the early 1940s)
  7. Africa. Middle East. Central Asia. South America. Anywhere they don't speak English.
  8. Buy polyester clothing.
  9. Surf
  10. Get sunburnt
  11. Get drunk (it is a most unpleasant feeling)
  12. Pretend to listen to New Agers, The Kumbaya crowd, Same Sex Marriage campaigners, ABC news/current affairs/analysis; unless it once more gets real, of course.