I've got a RIGHT to be married!

Senator David Leyonhjelm
Parliament House
Canberra ACT

Dear Senator,

I was very pleased to hear the news of your private member's bill regarding the extension of marriage to people of the same sex. It will certainly benefit the children produced by these couples who will now be able to refer to 'daddy' and 'daddy' or 'mummy' and 'mummy', instead of the awkward lack of terms there is for adults who don't produce offspring.

But you need to go further.

The right to marriage needs to be extended to single people too. The status that married people have in our society marginalises those of us who are single. Even government forms want to know if a person is married or not, as if it is any of their business!

So, single people should be able to marry themselves and call and regard themselves as properly married. Society should also recognise that the marriage has been consumated if a legitimate sex-like act has been performed by oneself in front of a mirror.

I really hate the way married people flaunt their coupleness in the face of those of us who are couple-free and your bill could change it all.

I'd also like you to undo a few other selective applications of government created benefits.

While I live in Surry Hills, I'd like to be able to declare my window garden to be an agricultural enterprise so I could get the diesel fuel rebate. Its unfair that this goes only to farmers by some quirk of nature have lots of land. Or if this wouldn't work in the senate, as I dig in my window garden, I would alternatively like to be able to declare it to be a mine, and so obtain the generous taxation arrangements that are extended to miners. After all, its just an accident of circumstances that it is not a mine and I am not a miner.

Power on!



So Ian Thorpe has come out as liking sodomy. (an article on the Australian Daily Telegraph website today)

As if this is of any interest to anyone, apart, of course, from others who also like to use their waste apparatus for other than waste functions...oh, and anyone who sends their sons to swimming meets that he attends (luckily he could safely coach girls).

(Man its been a busy few days watching the mindless politically correct).

NSW Judge: incest will become OK

Which ever perversion a society starts with; the end will be the same. All perversions will become OK

From rt.com
An Australian judge has incurred the wrath of child protection and gay rights advocates after stating that incest and pedophilia may no longer be considered taboo – just as gay relationships are now more accepted than they were in the 1950s and 60s.

District Court Judge Garry Neilson was recorded as saying that sexual contact between adults and children or siblings may no longer be regarded by society as “unnatural” or “taboo.”

And, of course, he's right! If what's right is set by what the noisy minority set, than the lid is off the box, and 'society', at least the noisy ones from Glebe and Annandale, will introduce whatever they like into the 'its OK' category.

Hamas...yay? Really?

I see that the Hamas cheer squad has had another outing (I don't even need to give a link for this, their  'I'm a victim' chant is as ubiquitous as it is meaningless).

I’ll believe they have a case when Hamas ceases random violence against civilians, abides by peace deals, participates in a peace process and behaves as though it is part of a civil international community.

Of course, it will do none of these things, and will continue with its cynical conduct with no intention to either pursue peace or accept a two state arrangement.

Hamas wants one state: its own, and until the international community recognizes that Hamas has no interest in peace, but just manipulates, lies and makes its own civilians military targets as part of its Islamic mission to destroy Israel, Israel has no choice but to make Hamas’ aggression too costly for it to continue.

France sees this as well.


Not here! We're 'multi-cultural', see?

A Ukranian church was graffitied in Sydney today.

A government minister told us that 'we are multi-cultural' and the action was 'un-Australian'.

Well, of course it was un-Australian, it was one of the multi-cultures that did it; the one that approves of scrawling grafitti on churches.

That's what multi-culturalism is about; do it the way your culture of choice does it...and then 'un-Australian' or not is beside the point, because, well, you're just not using that culture right now.

Ah yes, be multi-cultural and sink the boat you are rowing.


Religion of peace - Not!

I've heard Moslems claim that theirs is a religion of peace: after all the 'abode of peace' is its objective. What they don't admit is that where Islam is not in the ascendency, it is the 'abode of war'; a war to impose Islam!

Here's a clip from a book by Noni Darwish on the matter.



I think its the first episode of the second series of Endeavour: the 'prequel' to the great detective series Morse.

Clearly the young Morse was not as lettered as one would have hoped. He referred to the biblical book of Revelation as 'revelations'. Sorry Morse, sorry script writing ninny...its singular, not plural...talk about under-educated!


I'm not free and you shouldn't be either!

I had to endure a seminar on 'cultural awareness' to do with my work. The deal was this: people come here from other cultures, not because our culture outperforms theirs (which it does...that's why they are coming), but so they can keep going with their under-performing culture and ignore ours. So we have to mold what we say and do to fit them in.


What we should do is help them to understand our culture: our laws, our basic respect for people and the rule of law, and unlike Islam, you don't kill people who don't share your beliefs. If they don't want that, then back home they go.

The killer statement at the seminar was from a women who was talking about the disadvantages she suffered because she was (wait for it...) "a woman (yes we could guess that, under the black tent she was wearing), and a Moslem."

I was itching to suggest she move to Saudi Arabia and try it out for oppression: she could still be a woman there, but everyone is Moslem! Under Islam, of course she would then really be disadvantaged!

Of course, she could change the last problem in Australia: stop being a Moslem.  Can't do that in Saudi!

So, to help people who come to Australia, what should we do? Replicate their failed culture, and turn Australia into a mirror of the dud state they came from? Or explain that the reason the find Australia attractive is because it is NOT like the product of their home culture.


More stupid things that businesses do/believe/think/say

Apparently some people put their interests on their resumes. Can't think why. Whenever I've recruited someone, I couldn't care less that they like knitting. But it seems that some business people think that interests tell them something: bushwalking is out; its too 'solitary', whereas yoga is a Good Thing.
One commenter saw through this, tho'


National Sorry Day

Today is 'national sorry day' a day when we're supposed to be sorry for Aboriginies.

Well I am!

I'm sorry that so many of them live with abuse and neglect at the hands of their relations and that their children have to be removed for their own safety and welfare.

I'm sorry that so many aboriginal children are sexually assaulted by aboriginal adults.

I'm sorry that so many aboriginal adults have had the incentive for work displaced by patronising 'welfare' payments that prevent them from controlling their lives.

That's what I'm sorry about.

But I'm not sorry for attempting to save people from a manifestly failed culture.


My Kitchen Rules...just got to be perfect

My Kitchen Rules is a TV comedy on channel 7 in Sydney. Its about people who like getting publicly humiliated cooking for show.

And guess what...every episode when the cooks get into the deep and meaningful 'I've got a secret for you' commentary we get told over and over and over again that a particular dish, component or, wait for it, even the sauce...has to be, well...perfect.

As though this is news!

At least the judges have a wider vocabulary than this tell us nothing statement.



Watching an old Frost (early 90s) recently, I thought a few of the players looked familiar: the credits confirmed it. Colin Buchanan, playing the role of a uniformed constable, a bit part: he clearly had a good career, being promoted to detective inspector in Dalziel and Pascoe -- mid to late 90s-- (he was Pascoe), and Neil Dudgeon, who had been a detective inspector, but was bumped back to ' constable for a bit of biffo in the nick. He ended up a det. chief super (I think) in Midsomer Murders (2013), replacing his cousin played by John Nettles.



In a coffee shop recently, after ordering, I was asked my name. Evidently, they'd call it out when my order was ready. Not thinking, I told them my real name: "Egbert," I said.  Shop keepers and waiters are getting too familiar. Next time, it'll be "Mr Fluggelbender", or "Mr Crapstealer" or something.