Distaste? anti-gay?

The current fluff about 'gay marriage' talks about discrimination against 'gays' in not allowing them to be married.

What tosh!

Gays (I presume this means homosexuals) can get married, but they usually don't want to. Marriage is at heart a sexual union: sex is about difference; a fact well known to plumbers.

Homosexuals expressly disdain difference, and therefore sex; all they do is entertain each other with empty and pathetic games with their sexual plumbing. That's not sexual intercourse because it cannot produce offspring.

Now, I couldn't care less whether people want to play bottom games or not; but to pretend that bottom games could be the basis of marriage is gag me with a spoon nonsensical.

I also couldn't care less if they have a civil union recognised in law; it just ain't marriage. To call it such just underlines the juvenile game of pretend sex that they play.

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