How to cross Sydney Harbour

Whenever I'm in Sydney, Australia, I am in awe of the Harbour Bridge.

Sure its a great piece of engineering, but I am awestruck by the fact that it is the ONLY harbour crossing at this end of the harbour.

How can a city hope to really work if its traffic is so constricted and inefficient. It is simply darned hard to drive around Sydney.

I've got clients on the northern peninsular and in the eastern suburbs. I should be able to get from one to the other easily and simply. Forget public transport, of course, this is still stuck in the 1950s layout. I drive...and drive...and drive.

Here's the solution: more harbour crossings, no more choke points, easier traffic flow, better business, more money in the economy.

E1 crosses without going through the city.
E2 links the outer northern and eastern suburbs directly
W1 activates the inner western business ring (creates it, actually)
W2 moves people north and south avoiding the city
W3 connects the inner western suburbs with the business and education belt at Macquarie.

Hurrah, the city works at last!

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