Not 'stolen'; rescued!

Dear SBS

Major error!

You should issue a corrective when Australia is screened again. The scrolling text at the start talks about the 'stolen generation' and refers to part aboriginal children being taken by whites...what friend Baz fails to explain is that these children were rejected by their tribes, subject to 'moral danger' (that is they were being fucked without end by both blacks and whites), left desitute and often deprived of food, clothing and shelter.

We should be thankful for the humanity of government and missionaries who had compassion on the plight of these rejected and despised (by their tribes and white ruffians) children and provided for their needs.

The were not STOLEN, they were RESCUED.

There is no question we would do it differently these days...opps. We do: we leave them to their fate!

Remember Dean Shillingsworth. He should have been rescued before his addled mother killed him. Another part black kid sentenced for death to calm the nerves of the White cool class scared of the myth of 'stolen' generation, and not willing now to rescue anyone.

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