Not bigoted

Nice comment in The Australian about allegations of bigotry, etc against homosexuals in the past:

Interesting how the  majority were cast as bigots and 'homophobes' (whatever that neologism is supposed to connote), which is itself a tendentious claim. The vast majority in generations past were repelled by homosexuality because of its stifling of normal genetic progression, its denial of the essential status of a procreating family (and therefore in itself a social insult), and the preponderance of narcissistic sexual exploitation of the vulnerable and minors that was often associated with it. It was also prosecuted for its anti social posture thus illustrated.

There was no 'phobia' about it; but a measured disdain and repulsion: reasonable fear. There was no bigotry involved, it was the normal reaction of Dawkins genes seeking whole of species benefit from reproduction and asserting this against non-reproduction.

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