The pathetic chasing the irrelevant

A reporter in The Australian mentioned "How hurtful the debate got for [the alphabet soup]" when SSM was discussed in Ireland.

Nothing compared to the hurt to children who are likely to be isolated from at least one parent by government fiat, for the surrogate mothers in third world countries who are exploited by homosexual couples who admit that they are sexually inert and cannot produce children; so have to buy them, for the people drawn into the commoditisation of children. They are the hurts, but there is a flip side:

The humour.
The humour of people who engage in sham sex thinking that their private gymnastics have the social significance of couples whose real sexual intercourse often produces new life and thus the next generation.

The sad.
Sad that people with aberrant sexual dysfunction which represents a genetic dead end need a little badge from the government to tell them they are really truly OK, just like non-aberrant people, who are really truly OK.

The pathetic.
First homosexual practitioners wanted the law out of their bedrooms. Now they force their bedroom antics into the main street at every turn.

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