Let the market sort it out

One of the risks of legalising same-sex (sham) marriage is that it will become illegal to refuse to support the idea through business relationships; for instance, if a pair of men or women about to enter into a sham marriage want a cake celebrating their event, they may well follow the examples set in the USA and upon disappointing refusal, take the baker to court. Baker thereupon looses livelihood (in the land of the used to be free).

Of course, the solution is the market. No longer price anything, except standard fare; all other prices by negotiation, timing is another variable.

So, if I was the baker, I'd say, "Sure, can do, would love to do. For specials we charge $10,000, in advance. Happy to have your business. Now, let me look at my schedule...opps, can't get to it for 18 months. Will that be OK?"

Wedding photos? My fee starts at $100,000. That's my fee; that's what I feel like charging. Take it or leave it.

What fun, and its all done by the market!

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