The Plebiscite: letting the plebs have a say!

I almost wrote "Plibersek"; she thinks she speaks for the people.

But no.

Its on its way: the same sex marriage farce plebiscite. I'll not be surprised either way, and parliament will do what it wants. I don't care.

But what amazes me is that we even contemplating doing homage to the emptiness of same-sex-non-sex; unreproductive effort, with the term 'marriage'.

Where on earth is the public policy interest in something biologically and socially inert and of no moment in the continuation of the species?

Its represents a genetic dead end; does nothing to add to society (numerically, of course), and if it does involve children, its in the same terms that Nyland used in the SA Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems of adoption: its for the entertainment of adults, or in some cases, for them to give vent to their perversion.

Same sex marriage, in the final analysis, serves no beneficial evolutionary purpose. Its no business of government and probably damaging to children in the aggregate.

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