Poor little Connor

Letter to a local newpaper about a child actor acting as a child of a same sex pair.

I hope that Connor Burke’s parents told him the full story about gay couples: that their sexual relationship is attenuated and is not possible to produce offspring. I hope that they went on to explain that if a gay couple wants children they have to use some one else’s and that this disidentifies the child with at least one of its actual parents. It makes the child live a lie that two males or two females, no matter how loving, could be its parents. Then they could explain that the ‘Cinderella effect’ and its dire outcomes for the step-child are invited in a gay couple.

In short, because gay couples don’t really couple in any biologically or socially meaningful way their ‘coupleness’ is a parody of real coupling between the sexes. It produces a social outcome that eons of evolution have avoided. Dare we go against nature in such inert relationships to cynically make use of children as a screen of normality to mask the truth of a relationship that is sexually void?

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