I've got a RIGHT to be married!

Senator David Leyonhjelm
Parliament House
Canberra ACT

Dear Senator,

I was very pleased to hear the news of your private member's bill regarding the extension of marriage to people of the same sex. It will certainly benefit the children produced by these couples who will now be able to refer to 'daddy' and 'daddy' or 'mummy' and 'mummy', instead of the awkward lack of terms there is for adults who don't produce offspring.

But you need to go further.

The right to marriage needs to be extended to single people too. The status that married people have in our society marginalises those of us who are single. Even government forms want to know if a person is married or not, as if it is any of their business!

So, single people should be able to marry themselves and call and regard themselves as properly married. Society should also recognise that the marriage has been consumated if a legitimate sex-like act has been performed by oneself in front of a mirror.

I really hate the way married people flaunt their coupleness in the face of those of us who are couple-free and your bill could change it all.

I'd also like you to undo a few other selective applications of government created benefits.

While I live in Surry Hills, I'd like to be able to declare my window garden to be an agricultural enterprise so I could get the diesel fuel rebate. Its unfair that this goes only to farmers by some quirk of nature have lots of land. Or if this wouldn't work in the senate, as I dig in my window garden, I would alternatively like to be able to declare it to be a mine, and so obtain the generous taxation arrangements that are extended to miners. After all, its just an accident of circumstances that it is not a mine and I am not a miner.

Power on!

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