I'm not free and you shouldn't be either!

I had to endure a seminar on 'cultural awareness' to do with my work. The deal was this: people come here from other cultures, not because our culture outperforms theirs (which it does...that's why they are coming), but so they can keep going with their under-performing culture and ignore ours. So we have to mold what we say and do to fit them in.


What we should do is help them to understand our culture: our laws, our basic respect for people and the rule of law, and unlike Islam, you don't kill people who don't share your beliefs. If they don't want that, then back home they go.

The killer statement at the seminar was from a women who was talking about the disadvantages she suffered because she was (wait for it...) "a woman (yes we could guess that, under the black tent she was wearing), and a Moslem."

I was itching to suggest she move to Saudi Arabia and try it out for oppression: she could still be a woman there, but everyone is Moslem! Under Islam, of course she would then really be disadvantaged!

Of course, she could change the last problem in Australia: stop being a Moslem.  Can't do that in Saudi!

So, to help people who come to Australia, what should we do? Replicate their failed culture, and turn Australia into a mirror of the dud state they came from? Or explain that the reason the find Australia attractive is because it is NOT like the product of their home culture.

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