Be sceptical: its good for you, and good for them.

OK, so I'm sceptical about AGW. That's the right thing to be: sceptical. That's what a good scientist is.

Just like I'm not phobic about anything, but sceptical about lots of things, things that I expect to prove themselves, not expect me to fall for them  HL&S.

I am therefore:
  • trans-sceptic
  • homo-secptic 
  • Islamo-sceptic
Not phobic, just sceptic.


Naughty mummy

More domestic violence from a mother:

UPDATE | The woman charged over the death of her two sons, who drowned in Ross River in February, has faced court. The 47-year-old from Cranbrook appeared in the Townsville Magistrates Court on the weekend and was remanded in custody. Leeann Eatts will next appear on May 17.

Source: https://www.power100.com.au/news/local-news/152163-update-mother-of-ross-river-drowning-victims-charged
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